On the 1 February 2020 The Home Office has updated the police complaint procedures to ensure that complaints can be dealt with quickly, effectively and proportionately, not just for the benefit of the public but also for the police.

The will include;

Simplifying the complaints system, making it easier to navigate and putting a greater emphasis on handling complaints in a reasonable and proportionate manner. An enhanced role for Police and Crime Commissioners will strengthen independence.

Further measures to increase the IOPC’s effectiveness and independence in investigating all serious and sensitive matters involving the police.

Focusing the formal discipline system on breaches of professional standards would result in formal disciplinary action, enabling line managers to focus on improving individual learning and behaviours in response to lower-level conduct matters – based on a new Reflective Practice Review Process.

There are new provisions to improve the efficiency and transparency of misconduct investigations.

Increasing the transparency of appeals against misconduct findings by replacing the current retired police officer as a member of the panel with an independent layperson and introducing new provisions to improve the timeliness and efficiency of proceedings.